My videos rely on the power of moving sequences set to emotive music to tell a story. I make them as fluid as possible with the emphasis on creative angles and lens effects. I often shoot stills alongside video using the same camera, a Nikon D850 with an interesting array of effect lenses. Having worked as a (stills) commercial photographer for over thirty years adding video to my skill set has been a natural progression through the advances in digital single lens reflex (DSLR) technology. Using the same camera for high quality stills and video the D850 delivers exiting results. Having said that I also make use of lighter and smaller cameras, drones and even my cellphone on a gimble at times gives flexibility to follow the action into tight or fast moving sequences.

The editing process is an exciting time for me when favourite sequences come together. Timing is everything and when the magic happens I am at the hight of passion for the job I am working on. I know when I have got it right and hope that you get the same enjoyment out of watching my videos.

Terry Wreford Hann